Court Harrington


If your company is considering entering the online poker market if and when it becomes legal to do so in the US or if you have any other poker related ventures it would be worth your time to contact Harrington and see if his experience and expertise could be of value to your company.  Initial consults are always free and all conversations are 100% confidential.


While not actively looking for any additional writing jobs Court is always open to any proposals someone may have.  He has written mostly on poker and waterskiing, but has interests in business, finance, sports and many other topics.


Harrington's broad stroke approach to the game with less emphasis on individual situations and more on general theory is a good fit for players with a background in strategy and thinking multiple levels ahead.  Chess, Backgammon and other strategy games are a good baseline.  Harrington has also had success turning businessmen into poker players, honing their business acumen into the confines of poker.  Potential clients will be screened to make sure there is the correct personality fit and background for Harrington's approach to coaching to be effective.

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