Court Harrington

The Professionals: Life After Poker
When I first started traveling to poker tournaments, I knew exactly zero people. I showed up to the first event I was covering at the Bicycle Casino in August 2006 with the name of a PR person for the WPT and a list of about 10 members of PocketFives that had let us know they were playing.

I quickly met...  Read Full Article Here

Act Like You've Been There Before:During the first level of a $300 buy-in tournament, a guy wins an all-in and celebrates like he just doubled up with four people left in the WSOP Main Event. It seems all too common in poker, and many other competitive activities, for massive overreaction to events that don’t warrant that sort of emotion.

During an episode of PokerRoad Radio a few years back, Gavin Smith made the point that in poker...  Read Full Article Here

Heads-Up Poker: How it Made Me Better
Although I got my start online, a vast majority of my play has been live poker. Other than in tournaments, I think I have only played live poker heads-up on one occasion, and never really sought out heads-up games online. However, I recently ended up playing a decent amount of heads-up $5/$10 cash games online.

I played heads-up mostly because there was nobody else that wanted to play those stakes and I was able to take advan... Read Full Article Here

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